The live streaming solution engineered for maximum scalability
Live streaming are 3 times more engaging that pre-recorded videos. Deliver the same smooth live experience to each one of your users without worrying about crashing when the traffic spikes.
Uiza's Live streaming features offer simple integrations, seamless workflow and maximum scalability while maintaining low latency
Uiza's simple APIs, SDKs and straight-forward documentations and tutorials help you integrate and start streaming within hours, not months.
Deliver the best experience to your users' devices including PCs, iOS, Android, Smart TV and more with live video encoding and adaptive bitrate.
Live events could be recorded and published right after your live sessions end.
Sophisticated features empower simplicity and agility in live integration and moderation
Auto-scaling Infrastructure
Elastic and scalable infrastructure ensure seamless experience for millions of global concurrent users.
Ready-to-integrate Chat Solution
Simply plug your Chat API from Sendbird, Twilio, Layers... to Uiza and allow your users to chat on your live videos.
Live Content ID (coming soon)
Real-time detection of objects, humans, context of your video for adult and violent content censor, live recommendation and more.
Live streaming on multiple environments
Implement your live streaming in the shortest time