Join the journey of making video universally accessible.

At Uiza, we believe that enabling developers, startups and businesses with video capability is a great way to make possitive impacts to the society and to make the world a better place. We've been helping our customers to stream hundreds thousands of educational videos, build live streaming marketplaces for thousands of merchants in developing countries and deliver petabytes of knowledge, information and entertainment in form of videos. And we'd like your help.

Join us in the journey of making video universally accessible!

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The challenges we're up against

Our duty is not just delivering chunks of videos for our customers. It is enabling them with the best-in-class technologies that powers robust yet simple video platforms with scalability and stability embedded. Here's a partial list of things that keep us up at night.

Our customers come up with new use cases everyday

The use cases of video/live streaming is expanding day by day in both scale and diversity. There's a need for a single platform could satisfy diverse use cases while maintain its simple and delightful experience. The challenge is to grow our product at such fast pace to meet the new requirements of new use cases, ranging from live streaming marketplace, to insurance visual claim, to interactive education.

We need to grow faster that our customers do

We have witnessed a customer whose MAUs multiplied from very little to 5 Millions in less than 10 weeks. Serving customers from various industries expose Uiza to a challenge of scaling our business as fast as all of our existing and potential customers' combined. We have to expand to the regions they want to expand before they do, be able to handle the surge of CCU that they never expect.

We do not know everything

At Uiza, we are motivated by the problems that go far beyond our current expertise and capability because growth, both personal and corporational, derived from solving such problems is believed to be much greater. Ambiguity and failures are embraced and we encourage everyone to contribute out-of-the-box ideas no matter how absurd they may seem.

Empower the underdogs

Being an underdog ourselves, we embrace every business', every individual's potential despite of their current sizes and shapes. We promote and practice equality. Our Customer Success doesn't know the contract values so he or she is absolutely unbiased and dedicate the same level of support that every customer needs to scale and succeed.

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We're looking for ambitious individuals with the right kind of ambition

We believe that people push limits and thrive way beyond their capabilities for the bigger-cause missions that they are engaged with. The right kind of ambition is ambition for the company’s success with the person's own success only coming as a by-product of the company’s victory.

Generalists with specialities

While a large portion of our projects requires experience and expertise, there's always ambiguity and uncertainty especially when what we are trying to achieve is disrupting. We want people who are experts in their chosen fields but at the same time, get excited by the fields they've never tapped in and execute them competently. This enables incredible growth for people joining Uiza.

Every inch counts

At Uiza, we believe that individual growth is the foundation of the organizational growth, hence we care for people's career path and progress. The people we're looking for are the ones who search relentlessly everywhere for a an extra inch of growth. We promote growth mindset by provide internal and external mentorship, encourage audacious ideas and campaign against the fear for failure.

Ownership and Impact

Great impacts are resonated by smaller ones. We consciously look for ways to interprete and recognize the impacts of every project of all scales and expertise areas. We want people who take ownership in everything they do, who are enthusiastic in building things from scratch, aim to advance the state of the art in them and take pride in the impact of their products.

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We'd like to talk to you

Great teams are brought together by a sharing the same mission, like the Fellowship of the Ring, the Straw Hat Pirates and thousands of teams that built great companies. If you find the above words intriguing, we are looking forward to exploring the opportunities with you. Don't worry about the positions or locations. Once we are clicked, the rest will be worked out.

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